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Reality Check Secret Santa Exchange

Reality Check Secret Santa Exchange
by PJ, Dizzy, Natasha, 
Raine,  Korusialhogi, Kristy

Title: Part 1 the Plan
Characters: Mike/Luke, Sheldon
Author: PJ

"Do you think all the brats would do it?" Luke asked Mike.

"Sure, we're all going to be at the resort for the Christmas party anyway," Mike reassured his fellow brat and partner.

"So who do we need to call?"

Luke thought for a minute then smiled, "Everyone! Ask everyone!"

"What about Jonah? Are Noah, Samuel and Jonah coming up from New Mexico?"

"I don't know. Let's call Landon first and ask him," Luke suggested. "Gordon and Landon have been keeping tabs on those three. Landon was really worried about Jonah."

"I'll call him when we get home this afternoon." Mike laughed. "I hope he's ok with us doing a Secret Santa gift exchange."

"Great, but we better get going so we aren't late for class." warned Luke.


Luke stood by the office door listening for signs others had come home while his partner dialed Landon's number.

"Landon, its Mike…no nothing's wrong…I, we, wanted to ask you something…no, we aren't in trouble…yes, I'm sure…Landon, we are not in trouble…well, we wanted to do a Secret Santa at the resort…no, not everyone…only the brats…what do you think? Mike glanced over to Luke giving him the thumbs up sign.

Luke grinned back at his partner, keeping his ear to the door. "This is going to be fun," Luke said, and then a little mischievously, "I hope the tops think it's as fun as we do!"

Mike nodded and continued his conversation with Landon. "Could you make a few calls and let some of the brats know what to do? We can't call them all from here…OK…we can tell Sheldon, Mace and Blade…Yeah, we can tell Ray and Steve too…Steve can fill Miles in…are Noah, Jonah and Samuel coming up for Christmas?… Really?…great…can you tell them?"

"Hey," Luke interrupted, "How are we going to pick names for the exchange?"

"Landon, did you hear that?…ok…yeah, that'll work…wait let me tell Luke." Mike turned to his partner. "Landon's going to get Samuel to hand out the names since he's neutral."

"That's a great idea." Then Luke turned back to the door hearing the front door close. "Someone's home."

"We have to go Landon…OK, let us know what they say…talk to you later." Mike hung up the phone just as the office door opened and Sheldon stepped into the room.

"What kind of trouble are you two up too?" Sheldon asked as he looked suspiciously at Tilden’s brats.

Mike laughed, "Why do you always think we are causing trouble, Sheldon? You and your baby brother cause more trouble than Luke and I could ever think up."

"Yeah, and we aren't doing anything wrong." Luke added. "We are setting up a Secret Santa exchange between the brats for Christmas morning at the resort."

"The key word here is SECRET Sheldon." Mike cautioned. "We aren't telling the tops."

"OH, I can just picture to possibilities." Sheldon eyes lit up. "Count me in."

Title: Jonah
Characters: Noah/Samuel/Jonah
Author: Dizzy

Jonah used his height to tower over Samuel, "Just paint a picture and I'll give that as a gift. You are getting a fortune for your paintings; anyone would be happy to get one."

"Jonah, stop."

Jonah's body instinctively reacted to Noah's voice, becoming relaxed and non-threatening. Turning he saw Noah in the doorway of Samuel's studio. "I'm just asking Sam-"

"No, you're not just asking. You're trying to intimidate him," Noah interrupted. "You are not his top. Who is the top around here?"

"I'm participating in this damn secret Santa thing. We are all going to go to the resort. All I wanted was a gift to give. How's that intimidating?" Jonah knew he was challenging Noah, but damn it, he thought. All those brats knew that he had been a top. Or at least they knew he had topped Samuel. What are they going to think seeing him as a brat?

"I asked you a question."

"YOU ARE! You are the top. We all know that! I wasn't trying to top Samuel!" Jonah knew that he was pushing Noah; however since the secret Santa gift exchange came about he'd been feeling off. This was the first time he would be going to the resort as a self acknowledged brat.

"Tell me, Jonah. You have to ask for it. Tell me if you want me to spank you."

Jonah looked at Noah. Noah had been pushing Jonah to tell him when he wanted a spanking, to understand his own needs. Knowing his own wants was the key, Noah had told him. In Texas, Jonah had buried his own wants so deep inside himself that he was only now learning to read his own desires. Looking at his calm, composed top, Jonah knew he could ask without fear of being humiliated.

Taking a deep breath, Jonah looked Noah in the eye and said, "I want you to spank me."

His reward for asking was the love he saw on Noah's face as he took him from the studio to their bedroom. Soon he knew he would be over Noah's lap and feeling Noah's hand on his ass. This is what he wanted, what he desired, what he craved and Noah was always happy to oblige.


Squirming around on the front seat of the car, Jonah couldn't find a comfortable position. The seat aggravated his well thrashed ass, but when he lifted his hips up, the seat belt pressed against the hard on he'd had since Noah had pulled his pants back up.

"I'm leaving this hard for now," Noah had told him after the spanking was done. "I think the loss of blood to your brain may help you decide on the perfect gift. We'll all go to Buckley's Palace of Punishment Emporium, to find that ideal gift for a brat."

He wanted to curse Noah for leaving him in this state, but he did love that power of dominance that Noah seemed to effortlessly hold over him.

"Come on, boy. Let's go find a whip for a brat." Noah's voice brought him back to the present as they parked in front of the gaudy store. "Maybe you'll find one you want as well."

"Or you might decide to branch out and want to try a cane," Samuel piped up from the back seat.

"Or you might find some nipple clamps to try," Jonah suggested only half teasing. He remembered how much pain Samuel had been in when Noah had pierced his nipples. Jonah also remembered the sex afterward, for days the slightest touch to Samuel's nipples had an interesting effect on his dick.

"Oh! Could we look, Noah?" Samuel asked breathlessly.

Jonah couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. How far they'd both come from that long ago day in Texas, Jonah thought as he walked into the store to buy a gift for a brat. Who knew, he may even find himself a new toy.

Title: Blade’s the Man 
Characters: Ryan/Blade
Author: Natasha 

Title: Secret Santa Gift
Characters: Ryan/Blade
Author: Natasha

Title: Mike and Ray
Characters: Luke/Mike
Author: PJ

"Hey!" Luke yelled, "I'm not done yet. Wait your turn."

Mike stood over his partner. "It is my turn. You've been on the computer all day and I need to check my e-mail."

Both boys turned when they heard a throat clear behind them. "Is there a problem?" an annoyed Milton asked. "If you can't play nice, maybe I can help."

Luke blushed bright red, not wanting Milton to have to help them at all. "No, sir, no problem here. Right Mike?" He looked up at his partner.

Mike's eyes were down but he mumbled, "We're ok. Sorry we bothered you."

Taking in both boys, Milton replied, "I don't think you two will want me to come back in here. Be good." After making sure they understood his warning Milton turned and left the office, leaving the door open.

Mike pulled Luke to him, kissing him gently, "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm just excited to learn who I'm getting a gift for."

"It's ok, I'm done." Luke said as he returned the kiss. "I got my E from Samuel a few minutes ago." He felt Mike pull back. "NO! I'm not telling you. It's a secret, remember."

Mike laughed, "OK." He moved to the computer to retrieve his e-mails. "Don't ask me who I got either then."

Luke's laugh could be heard as he left the office.

Opening his e-mail account, Mike saw the message from Samuel. Clicking on it he saw the name. "Shit, I wasn't expecting him." Mike whispered to himself. "I can't get Ray the cane I was thinking about." Mike knew he would be the one on the receiving end of the cane if he was found out. And he didn't want a sore ass on Christmas day.

This was going to take some thought. Ray was new to all of this. Mike didn't want to scare him. Over the next few days Mike search the internet, looking for the perfect gift. Finally he found what he thought would be both fun and safe. And keep his ass out of trouble. When the gift arrived, he carefully wrapped it and added a card next to the red bow. Then he tucked the present in the bottom of his suitcase. Safe from the prying eyes of his top and fellow brat.

Title: Buckley’s
Characters: Noah/Samuel/Jonah
Author: Dizzy

Jonah had long ago learned to school his features to show no emotion, but he couldn't stop his jaw from dropping as he walked into Buckley's Palace of Punishment Emporium. Buckley's wasn't what Jonah would consider a palace. It was like the large warehouse type of store that he'd been to buy groceries but here the signs hanging down were labeled with words he never thought would be in a store. Large generic signs in big black letters showed the way to harnesses, dildos, restraints, and so on.

"Hey watch where you're going!"

Jonah stopped abruptly as he ran into a shopper carrying a box exclaiming it was the new and improved Fantasy Restraint kit. Jonah jumped as a hand grabbed his armed and pulled him out of the way.

"Come on, boy. Pick your jaw up from the floor." The twinkle in Noah's eye brought a blush up Jonah's neck.

"Look! Over there," Samuel said pointing to a sign. "There's clips and clamps. Can we go look?"

"I think that would be wise. Give Jonah a chance to acclimatize to his surroundings while you find a gift for yourself."

Jonah tried to act casual as they walked to the aisle that had drawn Samuel's attention. He knew he wasn't fooling Noah as he kept feeling his hand squeezed in reassurance. Once at the vast array of clamps, Jonah stood back and let Noah and Samuel discuss the merits of each device.

"How're you doing there?" Jonah saw the concern in Noah's eyes.

"I'm ok. Just a shock when I first walked in," he admitted.

"Do you have anything in particular you were thinking about?"

"Hell, Noah, a year ago, I didn't even knew places like this existed. I don't know what to get."

"I don't think there are many places like Buckley's," Noah chuckled. "This is a one of a kind experience. Let's go over to the decorative whips and look."

Walking through aisles of merchandise Jonah hadn't ever dreamed about a loud voice came over the intercom:

"Attention shoppers! Today's red light special is in aisle 17. All pink silicone butt plugs are marked at half price. Hurry to the plug aisle. This special will only last for 20 minutes, so hurry to aisle 17, but no pushing or shoving, save that for your bedroom enjoyment!"

Jonah had to join in as laughter bubbled out of Samuel. Another sight he thought he'd never see was the pure fun and laughter that came from Samuel. The fun loving side of Samuel that had originally drawn Jonah in, and what Jonah had almost beat out of him. As hard as it was to admit he was a brat, Jonah couldn't deny that going to the Green Mountain Boys had made his life better.

"Look Jonah, do you see anything that you might want to give?" Noah directed his attention to the display of unique whips.

Skimming over the display, his eyes went to one that seemed to be the most unusual. "What do you think of this one?" Jonah asked Noah.

"Hmm, the Roses Leather Flogger," Noah read the tag. "The sensation is unlike traditional floggers, and the look is simply stunning. I think it could be use for decoration or for fun. I think it's a good choice."

"Alright, let's get it and get out of here," Jonah said, relieved to have the chore completed.

"No. It's not fair," Samuel exclaimed. "I got these turquoise clamps, you got your Santa gift, but you didn't get anything for yourself!"

"Samuel, I've got all I could ever want. You and Noah have been the best thing that I could've ever hoped for."

The kiss that Jonah received for his remark reawakened his hard on. Feeling Noah's hand squeeze him through his jeans, he heard his top whisper in his ear, "Come on, I want to finish what I started before we left."

Walking between Samuel and Noah, Jonah knew they'd be back and maybe next time, he would buy himself a new toy.

Title: Miles
Characters: Miles/Simon
Author: Korusialhogi

Miles hand tightened on the table edge, his knuckles turning white from the strain. He stared one more time at the screen, re-reading the message. He was being announced that all the brats were participating in Secret Santa project and he was invited to participate as well. Miles barely refrained from putting his fist trough the screen.

"Typical" he growled, pushing himself back from the desk. "Of course, two tops can't possibly be together, so Miles must be a brat, let's box him under that category," he parroted, in a half whisper. "Yeah, well fuck the Green Mountain Boys". He muttered angrily and stood up so abruptly the chair toppled over with the force of his movement.

"Fine then, let's brat" he grunted.

His mind raced through all the possibilities of how to create the required amount of mayhem. It was clear from the massage, that tops were unaware of this little project, at least the brats claimed so, Miles was not sure if that was even in realm of possible. But, if he played it right, he would be able to convince all the brats to wear something outrageous for the Christmas Dinner Party. That should offer Gordon and his pretentious apostles a nice heart attack for the holidays. He contemplated all the ways of making the brats' appearance even more horrific to the tops. After a while he calmed down a bit. Miles let out an exasperated sigh.

"Yes genius, give them more ammunition and prove their narrow-minded point of view - you can't actually be a proper top if in love with a top". After some more debate, he went out to execute his plan.


Miles was diligently cleaning and polishing a pile of twigs when Simon came home. The sound of footsteps made Miles turn around and give Simon a quick smile. Simon paused in the doors and raised an eyebrow in a question.

Miles chose to ignore his partner; instead he gave him a wink and turned back to the task at his hand.

"Care to explain the carpentry project?" Simon asked eventually.

"Well, I was invited, by your beloved Green Mountain brats, to participate in brat exclusive Secret Santa. I figured why gift only one person, when I can be generous and gift all the brats with something special. After all they all have been naughty boys all year around so a switch in the stockings is to be expected" finished Miles with a grin.

"Miles, honestly!" Simon shook his head with exasperation. "And you wonder why they see you as a fellow brat?"

"You should be grateful I didn't go with my first idea, it involved rainbow hair colors, torn jeans, tattoos and flashy jewelry as a recommended attire for all the brats taking part in the Christmas Dinner," Miles said, working on the last of the twigs. "Besides, giving a switch is a very top-like thing to do, I'm sure it's somewhere in the Green Mountain Top manual, under recommended gifts section."

Simon walked behind him and dropped a kiss onto top of his head, "Be careful, there will be more than one top willing to try one of those on you".

Miles gave him a dirty look. "Or, maybe they will finally get the hint, I'm a SWITCH, not brat and loving a top doesn't affect my ability or affinity to top!" With these words he leaped a bit to capture Simon's lips in a heated kiss.

Title: Jared’s Story
Characters: Atticus/Jared
Author: Raine

Atticus stood silently at the study door watching an oblivious Jared. He studied the look on his boy’s face, his eyebrows furrowed together as he concentrated on whatever he was studying on the computer screen. He watched as Jared began to nervously chew on his lower lip which from past experience Atticus knew was the sign of his brat beginning to spin.

Atticus swiftly made his way across the room to see what could be causing Jared to stress and spin. Hearing the soft but firm footsteps cross the room, Jared looked up and in an instant quickly closed the window on his computer as Atticus came up behind him.

“Hey Sweetheart, what were you looking at?” Atticus gently asked.

Jared stuttered and mumbled under his breath “Nothing. Something. I don’t know… I am not supposed to tell you… “

“Interesting… I thought we had an agreement that in our relationship there was nothing we couldn’t or shouldn’t share” Atticus said as he pulled Jared wrist guiding him away from the desk chair.

Jared slowly followed Atticus across the room to the oversize recliner that Jared liked to think of as their cuddle chair. Atticus sat and down and tugged Jared on to his lap. Jared quickly nuzzled in burying his head in Atticus neck. He was in the place he loved best… safe and secure in Atticus’s arms.

“Ok, Sweetheart, now that we are settled in … let’s try this again…What were you looking at on the computer that you didn’t want me to see?” Atticus said softly.

Jared didn’t say anything instead he just shrugged his shoulders

Atticus sighed moving his hand to tap Jared’s hip “Jared, you need to decide, Baby, either we talk this through cuddled up like this or we can do this bottoms up if a smarting backside is what you need to talk to me – your decision let me know…but we are going to talk about this. I can tell you I am not happy about you feeling you need to hide something from me”

Jared winced a smarting backside was not something he really wanted. No doubt it helped at times but he preferred the safe cuddles of his top. He also knew from Atticus’s tone that he was not going to give up until they talked it out. Atticus would not hesitate to put him face down across his knees for the discussion.

Playing with the buttons on Atticus shirt, Jared quickly began to ponder out loud. “The brats are all having a secret Santa exchange at the lodge and I got Miles as a name. I don’t understand Miles or how he even works… He is Steve’s top but he is a brat too. So I was trying to find a gift that he could have fun with no matter what side he was feeling that day and that’s what I was looking at when you came in…I didn’t ask for help because I think we are supposed to keep the whole exchange a secret from the Tops”

“Hmm I see… and what did you find that you thought you had to hide from me?” Atticus asked

“Can I show you?” Jared said finally looking into Atticus’s eyes

“Of course… “Atticus replied gently nudging Jared off his lap and tugging him towards the computer.

Jared quickly unlocked the screen and went to the browser history and pulled the page up showing Atticus the paddle. “See it leather on one side and fur on the other - two different sides… two different experiences like Miles”

“Nice choice, Love…soft and hard two very different sensations to play with… Let’s get this ordered and don’t worry I won’t let on to the other tops that I know about the exchange. “Atticus replied as he made a mental note of the website to make sure he took the time to order a surprise for his brat’s stocking.

Title: Trent’s Gift
Characters: Trent/Mace
Author: Kristy

Mace decided to look on the internet for the perfect gift to give his partner Trent and found Jacques comfort Jock Harness. But the price was too high to buy it. So he thought about it awhile and decided to make one just like it. That would make it extra special. It would be great pleasure for his top, Trent, when he opened it on Christmas morning.

When the time came on Christmas morning, Trent's eyes widened at the gift. Trent was surprised at Mace's craftsmanship. He was really surprised that it was made by Mace. It was unexpected that Mace made it. So they had their first go at it. They couldn't wait until night to try it, so they slipped upstairs. And word of truth it brought great pleasure for them both.

Title: Shopping with James and Angus
Characters: James/Angus
Author: Raine

Angus crashed through the front door tossing his backpack by the hall staircase and excitedly calling out, “James? I’m home! Finals are over and another semester is history!”

James came out of the kitchen wiping his hands on the tea towel and replying, “Way to go Baby! I am so proud of you! How did your last final go? Were you focused?”

Angus smiled and answered rubbing his backside and wincing,” Oh yeah, your methods for helping me focus worked as usual.”

Gathering Angus in his arms and kissing his forehead, James quipped back, “Throw a temper tantrum fitting of a two year old and threaten our Keurig coffee maker. I do get the hint loud and clear that you are spinning wildly out of control.”

Tilting his head up, Angus smiled and replied, “Yeah, I agree threatening the coffee maker was a bit over the line although I don’t think it warranted the wooden spoon…”

James replied in a serious tone, “That isn’t your decision now is it, little boy?”

Angus blushed lowering his eyes, “Nooo … but…”

James interrupted, “Babe, stop while you are ahead … Now what would you like to do this evening since you are free from studying for finals?”

Angus smiled and replied, “Dinner out and a trip to Buckley’s” He grabbed his Top’s hand from where it rested on his hip and made his way into the living room. He flopped on the couch pulling James down next to him.

James laughed as he snuggled up to his brat, “Buckley’s? Is there a new toy you have in mind because you know me, I am always up for expanding the toy selection especially since we have time to play while you are on break.”

Angus replied, “Maybe... but in all honesty I need to browse. I have to pick up a gift for the brat Secret Santa which by the way you know nothing about.”

James raised an eyebrow and questioned, “What Secret Santa exchange am I supposed to know nothing about and who is the poor unsuspecting brat that you are picking for?”

Angus explained, “All of the brats have been assigned Secret Santa names for a gift exchange at the lodge and I got someone who needs to learn to let go and play…”

“Who?” James asked again.

“Ok. I’ll tell you but you have to promise to keep an open mind and I mean wide open, please?” Angus replied.

James replied in a little firmer tone, “I always keep an open mind–and you are testing my patience…Who?”

“Jared.” Angus replied, “I know what you are thinking. He and Atticus are more private than most and toys may not be up their alley but hear me out.”

“I’m listening,” James replied, thinking to himself this should be good, Angus could if he set his mind to it, justify anything.

“Jared has come a long way since Atticus came along. He doesn’t look like he is about to collapse from exhaustion and he doesn’t stress when I care for his parents or even when some of the other medical students rotate through to help out. He has really learned to trust that Atticus knows what is best for him, Angus started to explain.

“Ok and that equates to toys from Buckley’s how?” James questioned. “I am not sure I am following your line of thinking.”

“I just think they still need to let loose and I thought if I provided the toy…They could take it from there and stretch some boundaries. I know from the skinny dipping stories that at least Atticus can be spontaneous and daring if nudged,” Angus explained.

“True…but nothing over the top. I actually think this part of Christmas shopping will be fun. Much more exciting than shopping for Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe,” James replied smiling. “Give me twenty minutes and I will be ready to go.”

“OK. I wanted to change anyway. Should we stop for dinner before or after?”Angus asked.

“After if it is OK with you- Buckley’s shouldn’t be as crowded this early in the afternoon,” James replied as he walked away.

Forty five minutes later they strolled in to Buckley’s hand in hand. “What did you have in mind?” James asked.

Angus replied, “Not sure. I thought if we browsed the aisles–together we would figure it out”.

“OK... let’s make a start here… hmmm… Chocolate body paint… that could be fun and yummy although I usually avoid giving either of us a sugar high,” James laughed.

“It is a thought,” Angus replied. “Hmmm… this is a really nice dildo…it is curved for prostrate massage or this one is glass with bumps and ridges…nice.”

“True,” James said. “But if you are looking for a fun toy for them to play with here is a remote controlled wireless vibrating butt plug like the one we have. I love that toy… remind me to make sure it is in our bag for the trip to the lodge.”

“Yeah, I know you love it,” Angus replied making a face. “You aren’t the one who almost showered Gordon with salad when it buzzed.”

James laughed. “Your face throughout dinner was priceless, Love. I think Atticus could have lots of fun with that toy. Ooohh… Anal beads…that silicone set that is very nice… Look at how nicely the beads graduate up in size. Pull them at the right moment and I bet that would make you really pop!”

“Absolutely,” Angus replied. “We need to take our beads to the lodge too.”

Angus wandered down the next aisle. “Nipple clamps in every variety… if it was Blade, sure, but no probably not Jared. Ooh! Floggers!! Feel how soft this deer hide one is. That one is definitely in the running. And, so is this paddle nice quality leather.”

“Turn and bend forward boy,” James instructed as he picked up the leather paddle and the clear Lexan paddle that was out of his brat’s line of vision.

“Yes Sir,” Angus replied as he bent forward bracing his hands on the shelf. He knew the drill. James always liked to try paddles and floggers out in the store before buying.

SWAT! The leather paddle rang through the air connecting with the jean clad backside.

“Thoughts?” James asked.

“Nice sting but not too much… This one could be fun for play or discipline if used a little harder,” Angus replied as he began to straighten out.

“Stay, little boy… I didn’t tell you to break position,” James instructed.

“Yes, Sir… but why we tested the paddle?” Angus inquired.

“Yes, but since I have not had much success in reigning in temper tantrums lately, I thought it may be time for a new incentive to help you remember I don’t like being yelled at or having coffee machine abused in the morning,” James explained.

Angus heard a hiss as something moved through the air and then he jumped at what felt like a swarm of bees attacking his jean clad backside. “OWWWWW,” he whined loudly. “Not that one…whatever it is…it is wicked bad and can stay here.”

“Oh little boy,” James chuckled. “I think we have found a new incentive for polite respectful morning behavior. I heard these Lexan paddles really drive home the message. Ok, up. Let’s move on.”

Angus straightened up and feverishly rubbed his backside as he followed James glaring at the clear new paddle in his Top’s hand.

James stopped in front of the restraints. “The Pleasure Package here is nice too… Cuffs, blindfold, rope.”

“True, especially if we picked up some soy candles to go with the set. Wax play is one of the first sensations we played with and it still one of my favorites,” Angus noted.

“Well, we certainly have thrown out a lot of choices,” James commented. “Anything in particular catch your eye as the perfect gift?”

“Yeah actually… let’s head back this way… over here… I think this is perfect,” Angus replied, pointing to the display.

“I couldn’t agree more,” James replied picking up the toy. “It is a done deal- let’s pay and go get dinner.”

Let the Fun Begin

Characters: Tilden, Mike, Luke, Milton, Sheldon and Gordon

The Gift
Characters: Mike, Sheldon, Miles, Simon, Steve, Gavin, Ray

Let the Fun Begin - Jared's Gift
by Loraine
Characters: Atticus and Jared

by Natasha
Characters: Ryan, Blade, Sheldon and Milton

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