Monday, December 26, 2011

The Gift

Reality Check by Natasha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Title: The Gift  

Author's Note:  This story follows Let the Fun Begin

Slowly the presents moved from under the tree to their rightful owners. Most were standard Christmas gifts: Clothes, gift cards, books, games, CD's, DVD's, games or jewelry. But scattered amongst those gifts were the Secret Santa gifts.

Mike patiently sipped his second beer and waited for the gift he'd gotten Ray to be passed to him. He laughed with the others as most of the gifts were opened revealing a strange assortment implements and restraints. He'd never seen a Roses Leather Flogger before. The tops seemed to be enjoying the exchange, even commenting on the usefulness of their brats gift. 

Mike was glad that he had chosen a safe present for Ray because every time one of the Secret Santa gifts were open Ray seemed to blush a little brighter and move closer to Gavin. But who could blame him, Mike thought, I'm not a baby brat and some of the gifts scare me.

Santa Sheldon was handing a gift to Miles, commenting it had no givers name either. Mike looked around as Miles pulled the paddle from it's wrappings. All eyes were on Miles, well everyone's except Jared and Atticus. Jared was leaning in to his top not looking at Miles and Atticus had protectively moved his arm around his brat. Mike looked back to a red faced Miles. Simon was whispering something to him. Steve looked nervous. Simon continued and Miles turned the paddle in his hand. Mike saw that the paddle had two distinct side, one soft the other hard. Miles nodded and finally looked around the room. "I want to thank whoever took the time and care to pick this gift out for me. It's perfect." Simon kissed Miles's forehead and Steve visibly relaxed. Mike looked back toward Jared seeing the relief in his face.

The next gift was pulled from under the tree. "Finally," Mike sighed when he recognized the paper. Luke nudged his knee and only then did Mike realize he had actually said it out loud. He stiffened against Tilden's leg. 

"This one's for you, Ray." Sheldon said as he handed the present to Ray. 

Ray took the package mumbling, "Thank You." He slowly removed the wrapping paper. Never looking up from the task at hand. 

Mike held his breath watching for a reaction. Tilden's hand moved to his neck gently squeezing. Mike turned to look at his top seeing the question in his eyes. Mike could only nod and then turn back to watch Ray.

Ray pulled a soft royal blue velvet pillow from the box. He ran his hands over the pillow. Then picked up the card and silently read it with Gavin read along over his shoulder. Mike remembered the words he had written:

"When things go wrong as they always do,
Find comfort knowing you have a soft place
For ass or knee, to rest and reflect." 

Gavin rubbed Ray's shoulder. Ray looked up at him then turned back to the room holding up the pillow for all to see. "Thank you, whoever you are."

Mike breathed a sigh of relief. Then blushed when he noticed Gavin was looking at him. Mike shrugged as Gavin winked at him.

Sheldon had moved back to the tree retrieving another present.  Walking back toward the group he announced, "Jared, here's one for you"………

Reality Check by Natasha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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