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Let the Fun Begin - Jared's Gift

Reality Check by Natasha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Thank you to Dizzy for beta'ing and especially to Natasha for letting for letting all of us play with her guys!

This story follows The Gift

Let the fun begin - Jared's Gift
by Lorraine

Jared felt himself blush as he examined the polished switches in his stocking.  He pressed back against Atticus' legs.  Switches!  Ok, he had come to realize he was a brat.  More specifically, he was Atticus's brat and they didn't do switches!   He was Atticus' good boy!  He was held and cherished. And only, when necessary, Jared had his bottom spanked but never by anything more than the firm hand of his Top.   He, all of a sudden, started to feel very insecure here.  They didn't do this.  They should have never decided to spend Christmas at the Lodge.  He should be home with his parents not here getting switches for gifts. 

Jared continued to stare the switches.  Pushing back harder against Atticus's legs, he focused on trying to control the feeling that he was starting to spin.   He sucked his lower lip into his teeth and began to chew.  Almost immediately, he felt a hand engulf his and tug.  Atticus.  Atticus always watched for the signs of spinning, often heading them off before he felt out of control.  Landing on Atticus's lap, Jared quickly nuzzled in whispering, "Switches. Atticus, they gave me switches"

"You know Sweetheart; you were so engrossed in your stocking that I don't know if you noticed everyone got switches.  These could be fun you know, not for here, just for us at home. You could be the naughty schoolboy and I could be the stern professor," Atticus whispered in his ear his fingers tracing along Jared's inner thigh.

Jared gave him a faint smile realizing that Atticus could take a nasty switch and make it into a prop for fun.  That was a better idea.  Feeling more relaxed and loving the way Atticus could stop the spin from spiraling out of control with just a few words, Jared began to pay more attention to the gifts that were being given out.  It seemed to be a tradition that each present was handed out and everyone watched that person open the gift and comment before Santa handed out the next gift. 
Before he knew it a grinning Santa Sheldon was pushing a large brightly wrapped gift into his hands.  Jared thanked him and shook the package lightly and then slowly began to undo the bow.

"Come on, Jared, just tear it open!!!" Blade called out from his spot at Ryan's feet. 

"Stop," Ryan replied effectively silencing Blade at least for the moment.  Jared had learned nothing ever silenced Blade for long.

Jared ignored him and continued to slowly unravel the ribbons.  He glanced at the card reading it aloud as the others had done.   â€œLimitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, the possibilities become endless!  Merry Christmas!” Jared read pondering what that saying could have to do with the box sitting on his lap.

He slid his long thin fingers along the taped edges carefully undoing the sparkly snowman paper.  Lifting the lid off of the box, Jared found inside several individually wrapped gifts nestled in tissue paper.   He lifted the first gift surprised at the weight of the circular shaped gift.  Undoing the wrap, he held up the jar of chocolate body paint.

Feeling himself blush, Jared wasn't sure if he wanted to open anything else until he heard Atticus' soft whisper in his ear.  "I can't wait to finger paint on my boy, and slowly lick you clean."
Jared groaned feeling his cock stiffen at Atticus' words.  Next, he picked a soft square package.  Slowly unwrapping the gift, he held up the soft wrist and ankle cuffs.  Made of black neoprene, the closures were Velcro and the inside soft to the touch.  Atticus groaned in his ear, "Ooh Sweetheart, how wonderful. a way to keep my ticklish boy still while I explore every nook and cranny of his body."

The next soft package contained a length of silky rope to secure the cuffs.  Atticus whispered, "Even better, my beautiful boy spread eagle on the bed. not being able to move while I tease him with my fingers and tongue."

Jared blushed at Atticus' words.  While Atticus was always proper in public, Jared was finding Atticus behind their closed bedroom door was a bit more adventurous.

The last package was slightly heavier but not by much.  The gift was nestled inside of another box.  He unwrapped and opened the box.  He just stopped staring at the contents of the box.  He didn't want to hold this one up for anyone to see.  It was purple for crying out loud. and ribbed, and it VIBRATED, at multiple setting!! The tag called it a Nexus Range Vibro Prostrate Massager.   No!  There was no way he was holding that up for the group to see.

Jared felt Atticus staring at the contents of the box from over his shoulder.   He knew his top could clearly see what was in the box.  Before Jared could voice an opinion Atticus took it out of the box slowly turning it over in his hands for everyone to see.  Hitting the button, a low buzz indicated it had come to life.  Jared blushed not saying anything just wanting to bury himself in Atticus' chest away from the prying eyes.

"Whew, Baby...OK, whoever had your name has caused quite a problem here. I don't know when this hard on is going to go away so you will just need to sit still while I think about spreadsheets and numbers instead of laying you across my lap and teasing you open with this. making you squirm and rock until you can't take it anymore and are begging me to take you over the edge.  I think this one will not wait until we get home. we need to play with this here!  Today, as soon as this exchange is done, we can slip away," Atticus slowly whispered.

Jared, still blushing, grinned at the picture in mind that Atticus' words had created.  He loved the feeling of Atticus' hardness pushing against him.  Looking around the room, he zoned in on Angus and James looking way too happy.  He smiled and mouthed thank you as he settled in to watch the rest of the gift exchange.

Reality Check by Natasha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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