Friday, December 23, 2011

Reality Check: Let the Fun Begin

Reality Check by Natasha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Title: Let the Fun Begin

This story follows Reality Check Secret Santa Exchange

The three of them entered the Grand Room hand in hand in hand. Across the room the 15 foot tall Balsam Fir was magnificent with the soft glow of the multicolored lights highlighting the rustic ornaments. Among the branches were personalized ornaments for each member of the Green Mountain Boys. Colorful wrapped presents covered the area under the tree overflowing onto the textured carpet. Groups of soft chairs and couches were positioned in an semi circle facing the tree. A buffet and bar were set up along the back wall.

Mike moved with his partners toward the fire place to join Gordon and Milton. “Ah, I see you didn’t have any trouble getting your partners to join the festivities this evening, Tilden.” Gordon said as he greeted the threesome.

“It’s looks to be a very popular room tonight.” Milton commented slapping his friend on the back. “I was beginning to wonder if you three were going to make it. We aren’t set to officially begin for 30 minutes but most members are already present.”

Mike scanned the room, noting the anticipation on his fellow brats faces. Ray and Gavin weren’t here yet but Ryan was seated near the tree with a red eyed Blade kneeling beside him. Mike nudged Luke, “Only Blade could get in trouble on Christmas Eve.” he whispered.

Before Luke could reply. Mike felt a heavy hand on his shoulder and turned to look into his top’s eyes. “Do you need to join Blade?”

Blushing at being overheard Mike quietly answered, “No, sir.”

Tilden leaned in kissing Mike’s forehead “Good. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on tonight’s fun.“

“Me either, I’m sorry.”

“I know, Misha.” Tilden reassured his brat. “Now why don’t you two get something from the buffet and find a seat for us.”

Quietly munching on his food and sipping the first of the two beers he was allowed by his top, Mike watched as the last of the members enter the room and joined the others in front of the tree. Some of the brats chose to settle on the carpet at their tops feet. Mike chuckled to himself. He knew the reason wasn’t because they were submitting to their respective tops, but to be closer to the presents.

The room quieted as Milton stood in front of the tree signaling the start of the festivities. “We want to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your holiday with us.” As Milton continued his speech, Mike looked around at the other couples and threesomes. Trent and Mace, relaxed and comfortable leaning against each other on one of the over stuffed chairs. Josh and Jer were sharing one of the sofas with Gordon and Landon. Simon, Miles and Steve cuddled together on a love seat. Atticus and Jared, both looked a little nervous. Ryan and Gavin on soft chairs with their boys at their feet. Ray seemed to almost be hiding between Gavin’s legs. Noah, Samuel and Jonah filled another love seat. Jonah flushed when he saw Mike looking his way, but did return Mike’s smile. James perched on a lone foot stool with Angus on the floor leaning against his leg . Mike’s attention turned back to Milton as he announced “Santa Claus will be played by Sheldon.” Milton crossed over to take a seat next to Tilden, much to close to Mike for his comfort. He glanced at Luke and saw the sympathy in his eyes.

Sheldon stepped forward bowing to his audience a red Santa‘s hat covering his head. “Let the fun begin.”

“OK” Santa began. “First let’s get the stockings handed out. Looks like there’s one for each brat. I‘m not sure who they‘re from though.” After he passed them out to each brat including Miles and Landon, Santa waited for the stockings to be examined by each brat along with his own.

There was a few moments of grumbling when the stockings held nothing more than smooth polished switches. Mike glanced around the room trying to figure out who might have given this unpopular gift. All the brats got one, even Miles and Landon.

Soon, the grumbling stopped and Santa pick up the next gift to hand out.

Reality Check by Natasha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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