Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Best Gift

Author: Carol
Characters: Dillon and Gary

We were watching ‘A Christmas Story’; it’s one of Dillon’s favorites. He was laying out on the floor eating the home made rum balls my sister had sent us along with an assorted amount of cookies, candies, and my favorite honey nuts.  I was sitting on the sofa in my night pants with my feet resting on Dillon’s butt. Every now and then I would jiggle his butt with my feet making him laugh like a five year old.

“Why do you like this so much?” I asked him when he erupted into a fit of giggles watching Santa used his foot to push a  kid down the slide.   I thought the whole show was nonsense, but who am I to spoil Dillon’s seasonal fun.

Dillon turned his head to look at me and scrambled up to his hands and knees and   crawled over to me. He then sat up between my legs looking at me. He was so handsome with his bangs in his eyes, a light glow on his face--probably because of the rum balls and the brandy he’d been consuming, “Because I was the one who almost shot his eye out.” He said pointing to a small scare on the outside of his left eye.

Cupping my hands around his face I pulled him toward me and bent forward to kiss the small scar, “All better now?” I asked. He gave me a pout and shook his head no. I then kissed his eye, “How about now?” He again gave me the pouty lips and a headshake. I kissed his nose, “There?”  He shook his head no.  We did this until I took his mouth to mine. We kissed; I pulled him back with me until Dillon was straddling my hips. We kissed hard for a while, and it was Dillon who finally broke the kiss. He licked his lips and laid his head on my shoulder.  He let out a loud yawn, and I pulled the pink throw blanket around him.  He yawned again and snuggled deeper into my neck. I gently rubbed his back up and down thinking about all the silly little things he does that make me laugh.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked as I pulled the blanket up around his naked shoulders.

“The best gift I ever got,” I told him with a smile.  The blanked slipped back down his shoulder, so I pulled back up to keep him warm.

“What was that?” He asked with a small hint of hurt in his voice.
“You” I said kissing his nose.

“Yeah, you’re my best gift too.”  He got up and headed toward the bedroom.  “Well you and that MP3 player I got last year,” he said with a wag of his ass.

“Brat!” I yelled as I chased after him.

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