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The Xmas Gift

Title: The Xmas Gift
Author: Dice
Pairing: OCs Kate/Jill
I’ve written about these two before in The Lamp, and this little story is for our dear Sam, who came up with the idea. Hope you’re getting your toasts buttered and your butt toasted this Christmas ;)


The Xmas Gift

Jill turned the computer off, it was past midnight, but she couldn’t help it, she was mad about that computer game. She had just moved in Kate’s favourite Sim hunk with her own cute girl couple and was trying to have a threesome... only now three of them hated each other. Ah well, Kate would fix that when she played next.

She flung her shirt on the floor and lifted the covers, creeping in next to her real life girlfriend and deliberately placing cold toes on her calf. Kate stirred and one of her hands connected sharply with Jill’s bare bottom. The orange lamp on the desk lit.

Rubbing the sting out she giggled and then clapped her hands once and when darkness fell again she snuggled up against the warm welcoming body, feeling Kate’s full breasts press against her own.

“Love you,” she whispered.

“Mm... you too...” Kate mumbled.

Kate was unpacking Christmas decorations and singing along to the CD while it blasted out her favourite cheerful Christmas song: “You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry...” she danced around the box counting all the little Santas and the children on slays and reindeer in snow. Then she realised the old snow globe with the little house was missing.


“Hm?” Jill was busy as usual trying to sort out the dilemma of the moved in hunk. Kate was a bit peeved, it’d been a week since she’d done that and she’d still not managed to untangle her mess, and Kate had been so set on moving that guy in with the sexy artist type in number 6.

“Jill, have you seen the snow globe?”

“Yeah it’s on the shelf,” Kate looked around with a muddled expression.


“There,” Jill pointed to the display case in the game where the Sims put their Vacation Souvenirs.

“Get your mind off the darn Sims for two seconds will ya? Our snow globe? The one with the house? The one grandpa got in Switzerland?” she walked over to the desk and moved Jill’s hand to save and close.

“Bitch,” Jill stated friendly like and turned to kiss her.

“Go get the mail, ok?”


Jill picked up the package. She loved Christmas time, so many interesting things in the mail. This package had a little note about the US postal service and she quickly turned it over so she wouldn’t read the declarations of what was in it. Kate would kill her if she did.

She quickly snatched away the piece of carton the notes were glued onto and ripped it apart and then she put the package on the top shelf in the hall cabinet, where they kept all packages from their online friends.

She then brought Kate the mail and forgot all about packages and such because Kate was dancing sensually to ‘Oh Holy Night’ wearing a red cap and a Santa’s beard together it looked so funny she fell down laughing in the couch and couldn’t get up for half an hour.

Everything was finished except for the tree, they always waited with the tree until Christmas Eve and decorated it together. Kate was done with most of her chores and Jill had actually helped out with most things without being told twice.

Her button nosed girlfriend was happy and content this year; there were many reasons for that Kate knew, but for one she wasn’t broke like usual since Kate had monitored her Christmas shopping closely and that meant they hadn’t been fighting.

Kate sat down by the computer, which for once were abandoned, mostly due to the fact that after the hunk had mysteriously drowned in the pool Kate wouldn’t let Jill play The Sims anymore. There was a mail from “thespankstar” in her inbox. She smiled to herself wondering what Philip had to say.

Hey K/J!

Merry Xmas sweeties! What r u up to? I’m sneaking on the computer while Ted is watching TV, he’s all over me about early bedtimes lately! Anyhoo did you get my package? Should’ve got there by now? Oops gotta go someone’s tapping his foot behind me.
Mwah! Hugs

That was odd, she hadn’t seen any package from Philip. Maybe Jill had put it away. “Jill? Honey? Did we get a package from Philip?”

“Huh? Hang on, I’ve got dough on my hands...” Jill came out, and with a smile Kate noted that there was dough on her face as well. She got up and kissed it away, it tasted sweet, always a lot of sugar when Jill baked. “I’ll check the cabinet, ok?”

“Yeah do that.”

Jill pulled out a chair and started lifting out the gifts and packages. A large brown box suddenly jumped out at her and she nearly fell from the chair. She put the others back and stared at the brown box. It had several layers of tape with red text that read: “By opening this Package you hereby commit to... ...federal law and...” she swallowed hard. What the fuck was this? It looked really official and scary.

“Did you find it?” Kate called from the living room.

She freaked. God! What if this was some really crucial FBI stuff or something! What if they were under surveillance right now?! She shook her head, ok now she was being stupid. Kate had probably put this up there...but what if she hadn’t? Maybe Jill had done it herself and forgotten about it? Shit Kate would be pissed if she hadn’t shown her an official looking package like this... damn what if it was a bomb?

Kate’s steps came towards her and she quickly stuffed the package to the farthest back of the cabinet smiling weakly down at her.

“Nothing from Phil?”

“”No, nothing,” she assured her and climbed down. “probably stuck in customs or something.”

“Yeah probably, or it’s in Singapore, you know what Philip’s handwriting’s like,” they both laughed, but Jill couldn’t help thinking about that official looking package.

It was funny how just a few days before Kate had been thinking how relaxed Jill seemed, well apparently the reaction to the Christmas rush had been delayed somewhat but not avoided completely.

She was tense and argumentative, she couldn’t bear being teased, which she always could if she was calm and peaceful. Everything Kate suggested was met with a contrary reply.

It was also annoyingly often that she found her below the cabinet in the hallway, looking at it with an anxious expression – like a child wishing she dared check what was in them. After telling her off three times Kate was astounded at coming home after some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve and finding Jill on a chair reaching for the packages on the top shelf.

“Jill!” Jill stumbled and came crashing down. Luckily Kate caught her before she landed and they stood embracing in the middle of the hallway the chair toppled over and the grocery bags dropped on the floor. Kate kissed the terrified face in front of her and then frowned. “So what’s with the curious kid act?”

“Nothing!” Jill shook her head quickly.

“I told you to keep your nose out of those packages!”

“Damn it! I’m a grown up! If I want to open all my packages today I will!!” Jill snapped and pushed her away. “You’re such a bitch! You never let me do anything! Fuck off!!” she rushed into the bedroom and slammed the door hard.

Kate stared after her and then picked up the grocery bags and the box of chocolates that had fallen out. Raising the chair she sighed and wondered why this had to happen on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t fun having to spank the person you loved the most, the day before Christmas. But they had long ago established that none of them disrespected the other like that.

So after putting the groceries away she took the hairbrush out of the drawer and went over to the bedroom. She knocked lightly on the door before entering.

Jill flinched hard at the knock and swallowed hard. Why had she blown up in her face like that? She knew she could always talk to Kate, but not after treating her like that. The door opened and she closed her eyes.

“I don’t understand why you get like this every Christmas,” Kate’s voice reached her from the door. “Stand up, Jill!” Jill obeyed standing up and trying to keep her knees from folding beneath her.

“I don’t know if you think Christmas time means you get away from behaving like a reasonable adult, but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t!” Kate continued harshly. “Take off those jeans and then come out in the living room!”

After the lamp had found it’s way into their lives they had moved all spanking sessions into the living room, which was probably very wise seeing as the bed so often invited them to do something other than dealing with Jill’s transgressions.

“Jill!” Kate called after a few minutes. “JILL!!” She had to call three more times before Jill came tiptoeing out of the bedroom wearing only her blouse and panties. “If you think stalling will help your case, you’re very wrong!” she grabbed her arm forcefully and pulled her down over her lap.

Folding the blouse up over her back she hesitated. She closed her eyes trying desperately to stifle the smile that made her lips twitch. Right across the upturned buttocks was written with red letters: Do not open until Xmas! So that’s what she’d been doing while Kate called for her.

When she finally felt sure that her voice would remain stern she spoke: “Right. Well keep them on then, sweetheart, but you’ll get four extra for being cheeky.”

“Aaw... Katy!” she whined, but Kate simply raised the brush and cracked it down hard right across Xmas making Jill howl.

She spanked hard, she needed to let Jill release all the tension she had built up lately, and soon Jill was sobbing and speaking disjointedly. Kate couldn’t quite understand her so she stopped spanking and gently caressed the warm seat of her panties, running her fingers tenderly just underneath the lining.

Jill squirmed as the pain converted into pleasure at the soft, enticing touch. She calmed down quickly and reached a hand back to move Kate’s hand further down. But Kate simply captured it and pinned it to her back, smacking the brush down again on her left cheek.

“Now tell me what’s got you so tense lately? Did you buy something you shouldn’t have? Did you eat all the candy? What?” Kate asked menacingly patting her bottom with the hairbrush.

“Oh,” Jill gulped down a sob and twisted a little under the threat of more spanks. “I... I’m sorry, Katy! I should’ve shown you, we’ve got a package from the FBI!!” she wailed tears suddenly brimming again. “Or at least someone scary! I didn’t know if you’d put it there or if I had, but it looks really official and I knew you’d be angry with me!”

She cried hard and Kate picked her up and hugged her close.

“Oh, sweetie, let’s go have a look, all right?” she pulled her out in the hallway and moved the chair up to the cabinet, “Up you get, and hand it to me.”

“But what, what if it’s a bomb?” Jill whispered.

“Yes, I’m sure the FBI has sent us a bomb sweetheart,” Kate said sarcastically shaking her head in disbelief. “Are you on something?” Jill climbed up and pouting with great conviction she handed the brown box to Kate, who went out in the kitchen to fetch a pair of scissors.

Jill skulked into the living room as Kate cut the official looking tape from the box and took out two neatly wrapped gifts with nice bows.

“Merry Christmas Jill, much love Philip. Merry Christmas Kate, much love... Philip,” Kate read out loud, glancing at her from the corner of her eye. “Did you forget Philip gets lots of office supplies from Ted’s firm, sweetheart?”

“Well Philip should’ve bloody well written his name on the box!”

“Oh, I have a feeling he did and you removed it...” Kate grinned. “Merry Christmas my paranoid little brat!” Jill saw fit to only put out her tongue in response.

The End

(Note: The Sims (TM) computer game I must have back soon!!)

~*~ Meriikurisumasu dano gashou! ~*~

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