Monday, November 17, 2008

Ode to a Cowboy Christmas

Title: Ode to a Cowboy Christmas
Author: Tarabeth, with lots of help from Mel
Characters: Zane and Vaughn
Prompt: Vixen

Twas the night before Christmas, all over their land
The creatures were stirring, even the ranch hand

Zane was well hung, by the chimney he stood
Sporting some rather impressive wood

The cat was snuggled all happy in bed,
While visions of tuna swam ‘round in her head.

Zane was quite naked, and so was his Bloke
They lay on the floor for a long winter’s poke

When down on the rug, Vaughn arose from Zane’s sucking
He said, “What we need to do, is get fucking.”

Zane grabbed for the lube, he flew like a flash,
Pushed his fingers in deep and slicked up Vaughn’s Ass.

The sweat on Vaughn’s breast, from a good fuck and blow,
Gave the luster of gods to Zane’s handsome beaux.

When, what to their wandering ears should they hear?
But Vaughn’s little brother, the software engineer.

They cackled and shouted, the brother and his chicks,
The men had but moment’s to climax their pricks.

More rapid than eagles, the cowboys they came,
Zane grunted, and shouted, and called out Vaughn’s name

“Mmm, oooooh! Vaughn! I’m cuming, my sweet little Vixen!”
“Oooooh, ahhh! That was Good! My handsome, big strong Texan!”

The Top went to the porch, yelling “you might have called!”
The Brat waved his hands crying “Now Dash away all!”

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, the Top gives the eye,

So up to the housetop the Brat he now flew,
With a hand full of clothes, his brother and crew.

And then, in a twinkling, he heard at the door
A piqued and peeved top, out to settle the score.

He drew back his hand, as Vaughn turned around
And down came the swat with a most forceful bound.

His bottom was spanked, from his cheeks to his thighs,
And the sobs they did come, as tears fell from his eyes;

As the big wooden paddle crashed down on Vaughn’s bum,
He cried and he sobbed until his voice was numb

His eyes didn’t twinkle, his dimples weren’t merry!
But his cheeks were like roses, and his butt like a cherry!

Zane drew Vaughn up and cuddled his lover,
He wiped off the tears to help him recover.

He dropped little kisses, and held tight in his arms.
The love of his life, who had so many charms.

It was the handsome face and tight little belly
And the hard round ass that he lubed well with jelly.

The life of a cowboy made Vaughn fit and trim
It made Zane so proud to say Vaughn was with him

A lonely young rancher was the life that he led,
‘Til he met this Brat, he knew now he must wed

The law was not with them, they must fight and work
To be wed like the straights by their county clerk

They marched with their signs and flags of rainbows,
Gave lots of money to help beat their foes.

They sprang to the streets, the masses did bristle,
They stood strong and proud like a field full of thistle

But I heard them exclaim, “We won’t go out of sight.
We love one another and marriage is our right!”

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